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100 Reasons You Should Get the Avid Investor Daily Planner

And now for the comprehensive 100 Top Reasons, You Should Get the Avid investor Planner Today!
  1. It will help you focus on finances

  2. It's small enough to carry in your pocket

  3. You'll learn about your money mindset

  4. You will begin to think about your financial future

  5. You'll track how you invest and save your money

  6. Keep your schedule in a handy place

  7. It's hacker proof

  8. Writing stuff down makes you smarter

  9. You'll improve your memory too

  10. Gives you a break from your smartphone

  11. Has an unlimited battery life

  12. Made from eco-friendly wood pulp

  13. It's in the news

    including: NBC, ABC, CBS, and NPR!

  14. It has a 5 Star rating on Amazon

  15. You'll look smart and money savvy

  16. Only cool people us this planner

  17. Be like Richard Branson and take notes about everything

  18. It's "Amazon's Choice" Planner

  19. It has motivational quotes

  20. It has awesome book recommendations

  21. To improve your investing style

  22. Start becoming the next Warren Buffet

  23. To make more money in the markets

  24. You'll join a community of investors

  25. You'll learn about yourself

  26. To use your time like a pro

  27. To stop ignoring your finances

  28. To learn how to invest

  29. To become a better planner

  30. Remember how you've spent your time

  31. To start tracking how you invest

  32. A written record of your finances and schedule

  33. You get to cross things off your 'To Do List'

  34. Create funny doodles in the margins

  35. It has no annoying pop-up ads

  36. Google and Facebook can't sell the data it contains

  37. Makes it easy to check your schedule

  38. Reminds you the more you save the more your networth

  39. Contains a Monastic quote of protection

  40. Has Investing Fact pages

  41. Tracks your mental game each month

  42. Track your returns easily

  43. Notes area for stocks your watching

  44. Has 78 blank pages for notes

  45. Uses seamless weekly spreads

  46. Leaves room for you to add columns and notes

  47. Has the softest leather cover Ever!

  48. Comes with monthly book recommendations you won't find anywhere else

  49. Reminds you of which quarter your

    in for earnings

  50. Has a handy elastic closure band

  51. Also has a bookmark ribbon

  52. Each month ends with blank trading notes pages

  53. Gives you the time value calculation for 2019

  54. Has a useful trade comparison page

  55. Will make you a more analytical investor

  56. Is the color green... like an Up Market!

  57. Comes with a Year end

    review workbook pages

  58. Helps you learn from mistakes

  59. Helps you build on successes

  60. Use the Success Study worksheet to learn from your victories

  61. Use the Failure Study worksheet to learn from your failures

  62. It was featured by celebrity blogger JMoney on BudgetsareSexy.com

  63. It's perfect for crypto-currency traders

  64. The perfect gift for any Wall St Type

  65. It doesn't contain any 'New Agey' cheesy quotes

  66. It's super easy to use

  67. You'll get to use the 'King Dollar' Review Worksheet

  68. Track your monthly returns and performance

  69. Take control of your financial future

  70. A computer crash can't delete it

  71. Predict the future with the 'Year Ahead Outlook' journal pages

  72. Store it at the end of the year for future reference

  73. See how you change over the course of time

  74. Encourages long-term thinking

  75. Slows down wasteful consumerist thinking

  76. Helps you to think as a rich person would

  77. Can be a very useful coaster

  78. Doesn't bend easily

  79. Opens flat when in use

  80. Uses archival quality paper

  81. You don't have to remember a password to use it

  82. Works during a power outage

  83. Reduces your screen time each day

  84. Designed by a fellow Avid Investor just like you

  85. Made for beginner and advanced traders

  86. Perfect for a bearish or bullish investor

  87. Helps you remember stuff

  88. Will cause you to slow down and think about choices

  89. Smaller than other bulky planners

  90. a full 12-month calendar for 2019

  91. Has all 365 days of 2019 in weekly spreads

  92. Rooms for your schedule and investing notes

  93. Encourages habit formation

  94. It's for men and women

  95. Made with high-quality materials

  96. Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

  97. The bull and bear logo will make you smile

  98. Has a hard cover to protect your notes inside

  99. Helps you focus on investing in finances, friends, family, and life goals

  100. Using this planner will grow your mindfulness

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