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Avid Investor Receives Accolades and Shout Outs

Happy February! The year is off to a great start, and the Avid Investor is celebrating the growing number of people that are improving their financial security by using the simple mindfulness that our planner promotes.

Last year the Avid Investor 2019 Planner got some amazing press coverage from a variety of media outlets including ABC, NPR, Fox, NBC. We also received some recommendations and shout-outs from top bloggers, Instagrammers, and even Amazon! I thought it would be nice to put all this positive feedback in one place to remember what a great past year and beginning of 2019 it has already been!

In November we had over 200 news media outlets pick up our story of how I turned loss in the markets into personal and financial gain through simple mindful financial habits in personal finance. If you haven’t read about the origin story of the A.I. Planner, check it out here.

In late December the AI Planner received the holy grail of labels as “Amazon’s Choice” in its category. Help us stay #1 by telling your friends and family to grab a planner off Amazon while they last!

In January, the talented and rising Instagram star Jenn Decima posted a review that was so flattering and kind to the AI 2019. We are excited to be introduced to a new audience of newly minted fellow personal finance nerds! Thanks again Jenn for your kind words and amazing product photography! Check out the Instagram post and make sure to follow Jenn on Instagram:

And last but not least, we got an unbelievable shout out from a personal finance guru & rockstar JMoney of the highly respected blog www.BudgetsareSexy.com.

Shout out from BudgetsareSexy.com

Having the recommendation and legit street cred from someone like JMoney was humbling. For those of you who don’t know JMoney, do yourself a favor and go sign up for his weekly newsletters. He’s a blogger, turned millionaire that teaches us all how to work toward greater financial security the smart and steady way.

The reason that the AI has been successful is thanks to the support that bloggers, friends, Instagrammers, and everyday investors have spread through word of mouth. I know that 2019 is going to be a great year, and I can’t wait to announce the release of our new product coming by mid-March…. Let’s just say it’s going to get your monthly budgeting skills into great shape this year! 

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