The Avid Investor Story

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The Avid Investor Story

The Avid Investor Planner started as a collection of scribbled sticky notes and torn notebook pages created over a number of years. In that time, I had good trades and bad trades, some out of my control and others entirely within my control. The planner was developed based on a very simple yet powerful concept: it's far easier to predict your own behavior than that of illusive market conditions. Tracking your own trading behavior can significantly improve your ability to make sharper and more calculated investment decisions.

The Avid Investor 2019 Planner- A Planner Designed for Traders


Ironically, the idea to create this planner came on the heels of two back-to-back losses. It was from these poorly placed trades that I began to thumb through my well-worn pile of trading notes (really, sticky notes). Through this post-mortem analysis I realized how truly avoidable my bad trades were. I had repeated the same patterns on losing trades and on winning trades, yet somehow, I had never taken the time to examine what led to these different outcomes.

A video is worth a thousand words. Watch the video of how to use the Avid Investor.

With a little self-awareness and simple analysis, I could have avoided many of my outsized losses and built upon my successful investment strategies. The Avid Investor Planner is not a magic solution to save you from losing money in the markets, but it is a system that will help you raise your batting average as you navigate the markets.

This is not just your average planner for tracking meetings and appointments (although it can readily be used for that too!). What this planner can do is help you grow your portfolio to greater heights while also assisting you in creating a thorough record of how and when you trade, your risk assessment and state of mind during a trade, and the actual outcomes of your market strategies.

We all have a natural tendency to remember the big victories in trading while sweeping the biggest losers under the rug. Digital portfolios and dashboards are a must in modern trading, but there comes a point in time when it benefits you to exit the screen for the naked truth of a written record.

It's normal to win and lose in the markets. That's the game we all sign up for, but with a little discipline and self-examination, catastrophic portfolio loss can largely be avoided. The Avid Investor Planner is meant to improve your trading game through sharpening your mental game and awareness. Use it to record your thoughts and analysis upon considering, entering, & exiting trades.

From the ashes of my hard learned investment lessons this planner was created. I began using a rough version of the planner and worksheets for myself about a year ago, and I've found it really helpful in forcing me to analyze my trading habits and decision making process. It's stopped me more than once from making trades based on fear or emotion. My favorite feature is the small size of the planner (about the size of a smart phone) so it fits in my back pocket and the mental game tracking at the beginning of each month to see if I started the month out bullish or bearish. I look back frequently to see where my head was over the past year for to look at notes on how different trading strategies have turned out. I created this planner firstly for myself to become a more disciplined trader and secondly for others who love the challenge, grind, and thrill of investing too. 

Join me and a growing number of investors just like you in using this planner to begin more thoroughly recording then examining everything about your trading game from the inside out. It's helped me daily to become a better more self-aware investor, and I know that it can do the same for you too.